Getting married in Bolivia takes a few specific papers and requirements. Marriage is considered as one of the most important rituals of passageway in Bolivian culture. It denotes the union of mature lifestyle and the advancement a new residence.

For that foreigner to marry a Bolivian citizen, he/she need to apply for a distinctive visa. The visa will work for 30 days. Intended for foreigners whom are on a holiday visa, they can marry in Bolivia.

To get a civil marital relationship, the marriage is performed by a civil registry official. Both parties must have a valid, fully legalized birth license. Furthermore, they must contain a yellow fever vaccination certificate. If the couple is going to go mountains, they need to have a awd car. In case the spouse is a pregnant woman, the lady must have the permission in the court.

For a non-Bolivian bride or groom, he/she must legalize his or her birth license at the Représentation General of Bolivia. The documents must afterward be converted into The spanish language by a sworn translator. The marriage dating a latina tips certificate must be apostilled experienced by the Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will cost greater than a non-apostilled license.


The Bolivian Consulate requires two witnesses whom must have current Bolivian IDs. They must also provide the original given of the contracting parties.

Besides the document requirements for a matrimony, there are some health insurance and financial requirements for Bolivian couples. A Bolivian should be at least 21 years of age. He or she must own finished three years of residency and a armed service program in Bolivia. The couple must also provide evidence that they have no criminal activity in Bolivia.